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In Georgie's Best Bad Day, Georgie and Friends are all having a bad day. So this cat and his crew of adorable animals decide to do their favorite things to turn their day around.

They make pickles . . . They try knitting . . . They even bake a cake . . . and their bad day only gets worse!

But in this gorgeous and silly picture book from author and illustrator Ruth Chan, Georgie and Friends learn that bad days always go away when you're with friends, even if your head gets stuck in a pickle jar!

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Where's the Party? book cover cake

Georgie the cat loves throwing parties for his friends. All his parties have balloons, lights, delicious cake, and most importantly, everyone has an unforgettable time.

One day, Georgie decides to throw the ultimate bash, so he puts on his party hat and races through the city to invite his best buds... who are all too busy to come. But Georgie soon learns that you can always count on your friends to be there for you... and sometimes they might even bring cake!

With a heartwarming story and adorable art, this irresistibly charming picture book debut invites readers to meet Georgie and Friends—and find the answer to the most important question of the day: Where's the Party?

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The Author

Ruth Chan with real-life Georgie and Feta
Ruth Chan is a children's book author and illustrator who loves cake just as much as Georgie does. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her cat, Georgie, and her dog, Feta, who share their real-life adventures at This is Ruth's debut picture book.
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Where's the Party? Georgie's guide to throwing a great party.
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Use Georgie's guide to throw an awesome party of your own! The official party guide includes: invitations, games, coloring pages, and a special cake recipe with printable cake toppers.
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